Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Simply Stripes

Recently, I had the distinct pleasure of blogging for Miss Eden of Eden's Evaluations . I did a "Fashion Friday" post for her and decided to share it here, too (not because I'm out of ideas or...anything...). 

Silly Pose
Now, I like stripes. Correction: I love stripes! This worked out nicely because, I don't know if you can see, the skirt is striped as well. I rummaged around my closet (and my mom's) to find these items, then came across my strappy summer shoes and it tied the shirt and scarf together. Voila! 

The "I'm going to angle the phone and crane my neck really uncomfortably so I can get this shot" picture.
Outfit Specs:
Olive Sweater | Loft (Gift)
Striped Scarf | Gap (Gift)
Striped Skirt | Coldwater Creek (Goodwill/$3.99)
Wedges | Natual Soul by Naturalizer (Gift)

Sunday, October 5, 2014

First-Timer Lip-Liner (Ipsy Glam Bag: September 2014)


C'mon son!* Who'd have thunk that I would ever wear lipstick? Apparently, the stylists at Ipsy did! 

Ipsy is a makeup and beauty company started by Michelle Phan. For $10 a month, they send you a georgeous, customized "Glam Bag." It's a makeup bag with 5 samples and full-sized beauty products. Based on a beauty quiz you take, they match up products just for you and mostly, it's spot-on. Plus, it comes in a fabulous pink sparkly envelope!

If you're interested in signing up, follow this link and I will get points toward extra products :D

Now, I've never had anything against lipstick. It's just that I was born with "natural" color on my kisser. When I went on set to be an extra in a First-Century film, I was asked by the makeup artist if I had any on. When I replied negative, she double-checked ("Are you sure you're not wearing lipstick?"), then went in search of the nearest liquid concealer.

Plus! That shade of lipstick almost matches Counsellor Troi's from Star Trek: The Next Generation!!!

Cosplay on the way!

Here are my reviews pertaining to each product:

Hikari Lipstick
I applied the lipstick with a brush (I tried freehand at first, but I ended up looking like the Joker).  It went on smoothly and is a very nice Fall color to have on hand.

Be a Bombshell Smooth Criminal Powder
Okay, so I had to look up what on earth this mysterious powder was, but when I discovered what it was and how to use it, I was thrilled (it's a finishing powder)! As long as you don't use too much, it's absolutely a dream! Just a tiny bit really goes a long way. I'm never leaving home without it again!

Mitchell and Peach Luxury Hand Cream
This is really luxurious (per the title) and it's nice to put on, especially before bed :)

Nourish Organic Face Cleanser
I give it two points for being organic. That's about it; the product has this odd smell...kind of musty. Blech!

Pacifica 7 Free Nail Polish
It's a much more daring color than I would normally wear, but it's quite lovely! Perfect for evening toes and it matches a lot of what I wear!

I was most pleased with last month's Glam Bag. They usually arrive around the middle of the month, so I'll do another review in a couple of weeks. Hope you enjoyed and I think you'll love the Glam Bag if you decide to try it!

*Psych reference.