Sunday, August 30, 2009

50 more, can you believe it?

My father and pastor Hampton baptized 50 or so more people this morning. Pastor Hampton described it as "God showed up and He showed off!"

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Over 80 baptisms in one day

You read right!
The Senior Pastor of our church, John Hampton has been doing a series about discovering the history, beliefs and activities in and of our church. This morning he spoke on the subject of baptism-a touchy subject for some people.
He spoke about the origins of baptism and answered FAQ's on the subject. Then, towards the end of the service, he took off his shoes, socks, watch and belt. He explained that he was going to baptize anyone who would come right there in the baptistery-in his preaching clothes. And anyone who would be baptized would be baptized right there in the baptistery-in their Sunday-morning clothes!
During first service 41 people came and were baptized! I-being the emotional person that I am, was sobbing hard, and so was my mom and lots and lots of other people in the congregation. It was a glorious service. So, instead of going home, we decided to stay for the second service, and it was well worth it...more than 40 more people were baptized! It was a wondrous time of worship and praise. Thank God!

So Sorry

I haven't been very good about keeping up with this blog lately...Actually, I've been terrible!
My last post was on December 5th 2008 and it is currently August 23d 2009! That's over 9 months! I feel very ashamed of myself.
#1 rule:
A good blogger keeps up with his/her blog(s)!