Friday, October 23, 2009

Day 3

Marley took these pictures in "Sepia" and Black and White colors. But, I couldn't find the files with the actual color photos, so I'll describe these colors for you. Hey! Maybe I'll be able to find those color photos tomorrow! I'll post them as soon as I do.

This rather pirate-like shirt is probably my most favorite of all my shirts ever! It's a really light blue color-almost white. The skirt is just a denim one.

For today's hairstyle, I simply swept my part away and pulled sections of hair back from the sides, braided it down and voila!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Day 2

Here, I finally went in to Plato's Closet that everyone raves about and came out with this purpley shirt and a few others. I've had this denim skirt for awhile and they ended up looking pretty good together! Anyway, I'll hopefully be able to come up with some more creative outfits here after I do some laundry ;) Funny, Marley tilted the camera this time!
Now here, I simply parted off some sections from near my hairline, braided them toward the back, and secured them with the little hair ponytail holder. This is the way my hair poofs when it's not straightened; I might not try this again without using the flat iron :P.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Day 1

Here you are; my first-day "Photo Shoot" ;)

I just received this cool green skirt a few days ago and the blue shirt was a gift, too. Mom got me the gray leggings yesterday. I love her!!

I straightened my hair and just left it down, though, I probably should have brushed it first :)

Can't wait to pick another outfit for tomorrow!

P.S. Please ignore the 03/04/2007 yellowy thing on the side of the photo. There's something wrong with how Marley's camera keeps time. LOL

Here we go!

Alrighty-roo! I'm going to take the Challenge from!

The jist of this challenge is to wear only skirts and/or dresses for a week. I already keep up with wearing only the skirts/dresses thing most of the time, but I'm going ahead anyway!

I'll start today (since I'm already wearing a skirt outfit) and each day, I'll post pictures of myself in a beautiful, modest skirt outfit and a stylish new hairdo! The picture post shall arrive very soon!

I encourage all of the young ladies out there to try this for a week and also read the entire rules for the challenge on the website. Happy skirt-wearing!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Family Fairy Tale...

Once upon a time there was a very pretty and clever young woman called Priscilla. Priscilla was gentle, kind, had lots of brothers and sisters, and was respected throughout the city she lived in. She was the head of the girl's Bible study and lived purely dressed modestly, and never looked down on anyone. But, if Priscilla had one fault, it was very hard to see, but she had it. This fault was rooted deep down in her heart. Not many people could see it in her, but those few who cared enough to see it, were willing to guide her to conquering it.

One of these few, and precious people was her mother. She knew that in Priscilla's heart, there were seeds to plant and cultivate, and weeds to pull up as well, and it was her job to plant those seeds and pull those weeds. There was one particular weed who had grown deep roots in the warm, sunny soil of Priscilla's heart, one tiny little weed that was opt to hide itself underneath the big, beautiful flowers that everyone could see. The weed hid itself under the magnificent abilities of this young woman; her talents, her achievements, her confidence.

This weed was a powerful weed called "Discontentment." Discontentment wasn't seen much above the soil; only those with a quick eye and an open heart could see the little bit of weed that was visible. And those people often considered this weed to be merely a trifle, and never bothered to tug at it. But that one person, Priscilla's sweet, wonderful mother knew that Discontentment had deep roots in Priscilla's heart, and she knew that it was her calling from God to keep her daughter accountable, and she also knew that Discontentment knew that she was called to do it; Discontentment was determined to stay.

Priscilla's mother could see that it would take a long time of tugging and digging at this weed, and anyone who knows anything about real weeds knows that real weeds don't like to be uprooted. And anyone who knows anything about the weeds in your heart knows that spiritual weeds don't like to be uprooted just as much as the real ones.

Discontentment knew that it couldn't very well hide from mother, and Priscilla knew that, too. Any given sigh or indication of unhappiness from her was translated to mother as a warning signal "Danger Ahead" said a sigh, "I wish I were somewhere else," said the corners of her eyes. Priscilla would not be washing the dishes at the sink, no; in Priscilla's mind, Discontentment painted a picture of Priscilla washing the dishes in heated water from the brook outside of a cottage that sat in the middle of a quaint little kingdom. The cottage sat in a place where you could always see the castle, and Priscilla was meekly washing the dishes wearing a faded old brown dress and her long, beautiful hair was let loose to fly in the wind as she looked up at the castle and wished she were there. Discontentment is very crafty.

Whenever these signs appeared to mother, she would take her darling Prissy aside and lovingly chastise her daughter. "Where's your heart?" she would constantly ask, "You know that you can't hide a thing from mother, tell me how you're feeling today," "Are you still here with us?"

These little acts of loving kindness were rooted deep in Priscilla's soul and went beyond her heart and her feelings to her innermost beings and deep longings that would rattle her self-confidence or shatter her faith. The weed of Discontentment could not go there when mother pushed him aside.

And mother knew that it would take all of Priscilla's life to overcome this weed. Yet, even though Discontentment is a weed that cannot be eradicated, it is one that we must pull out every day of our lives. Discontentment will come back during the night while you're not watching just like real weeds in the garden, and yes, you must pull it out before it takes root and spreads far, creating a messy, weedy garden that no one wants to look at.

Priscilla wanted her garden to be beautiful and prosperous for her mother, for the world to see, and for God to smile upon. And she worked hard the rest of her life to keep pulling the weeds like "Discontentment," "Lust," "Deceit," and many others that would spoil her purity. Priscilla went on to be married, and confided in her husband to keep her accountable, and she would go on helping her children to pull their weeds and cultivate their lives until they went on to their children and so on. And this was because Priscilla's mother, and Priscilla's mother's mother took the time to love and care for their children for Christ's sake.


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

See PenDragon

This blogger website wouldn't let me add the PenDragon trailer gadget, so, I'll tell you how to see it for yourself.

Go to and watch the trailer, buy the dvd, meet the cast and get sneak peeks of the film. That's right; you get to preview scenes from the movie for free!!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Pendragon: Sword of His Father

There is a wonderful movie we saw last month called "Pendragon: Sword of His Father." The story is set in the Dark Ages:411 A.D. The Romans have just abandoned the island of Britain to fight for Rome as its biggest city has been attacked, leaving the British to fend for themselves against the imposing Saxons.

The story is about Artos Pendragon. Separated from his sister after their village is burned to the ground by the Saxons, Artos flees to the mountain village of Arfon. Through the movie, as Artos is made leader of his own army, fights for the king, and falls in love with the princess, he must cling to God and remember that "The One who gave the vision still calls!"

This is a must-see; I would encourage everyone to look into it. With epic battles, heart-pounding action and a thought-provoking storyline, "Pendragon: Sword of His Father" is one of the best movies I've ever seen.