Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A Sister Blog...and a Brother Blog...Literally!

I couldn't be prouder to announce that my dear younger brother and sister have joined the blogging universe! I've been begging them to create their owyn blogs for years now; writing skills like theirs should not be squirreled away, says I.  So, here I am, a somewhat established blogger, here to introduce them.

First, my brother Max's blog is going to sweep the world by storm! I urge you to visit the newest country on the internet; The United States of Baconia! A blog dedicated entirely to Jesus and His gift of Bacon. Visit theunitedstatesofbaconia.blogspot.com right now!

Next up is my sister Marley's brand-spankin'-new blog that goes against all expectations. Enter "No-Go Status-Quo". I know, it's REALLY catchy! In her blog, Marley encourages us as Christians to stop conforming to the world's image and start conforming to the image of Christ; to be God-pleasers, not people-pleasers. nogostatusquo.blogspot.com  Every time I log on, I'm encouraged in my own journey and I know that you will be, too.

So put your hands together for the best new blogs on the block; The United States of Baconia and No-Go Status-Quo!