The Historical Sew Fortnightly

This is the compilation of the blog posts I've done for the HSF Challenges I've completed. What is HSF? Click the "Historical Sew Fortnightly" button on the right and read up on the rules and how it all got started! It's amazing fun and such a great challenge. I've grown so much as a seamstress :) The Challenges are ordered by date so my newest completion goes on the top. Click on the challenge title to see the details. Enjoy!

Challenge #10-Art
Martha Washington by Michael Deas

Challenge #9-Black and White
Black Brocade Caraco Jacket and White Cotton Petticoat
Challenge #8-UFOs & PHDs
Pink Ribbed Satin Georgian Stays

White Cotton Regency Nightcap

Challenge #6-Fairytale
Lady of the Green Kirtle 1910s Dinner Dress (post coming soon)

Blue Knit 1930s Blouse

Challenge #4-Under it All
Mended a vintage 1930s Slip worn under outfit above.
Finished a Georgian Chemise. Completed. No Post.

Pink 1940s Dress

Blue Velveteen Regency Spencer

Green Velveteen 1930s Evening Coat

HSF 2013
(I came in very late and only completed a few challenges)

Wine Velveteen Medieval Court Gown

Elsie Dinsmore 1840s Dress

Aqua Regency Half-Robe

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