Friday, December 5, 2008

Dancing for Joy

I've been taking a praise and worship dance class for the last 10 weeks and we had an end of term performance for my class and some other classes.
Now, the hard thing about being in my class was that I was the oldest and second tallest girl in all of the class. It was for ages 6-13 and the only 13 year-olds were me and my best friend Shannon. It was kind of awkward for the audience to see all of these little girls next to me and Shannon who looked like giants compared to most of the other dancers in that class.
On the night of the performance when we walk up and took our places, I entirely expected my lower lip to be bitten off by the end of the dance, and I entirely shocked myself!! I was smiling my biggest and bestest smile the whole time!! By the end of the dance, I felt like exploding! Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not bragging, because, I didn't even see any of the other dancers or the audience by any means until the dance was finished and we skipped off of the "stage" (okay, we danced in a bank).
The audience was cheering and clapping and whistling and later, my mamma told me that she had the hardest time not sobbing because she was so proud of me and my sister Marley. My other sister Mirial said that she wanted to be a dancer just like us, so, she's going to take a little ballet class next term.
I think that dancing is such a useful and fun way to please God. That night, I felt in my heart that God was smiling at me, his little dancer. I felt like I couldn't say any thing, so, in my heart, as my way of saying thank you to God for helping me, is said....supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.