Thanks for your interest in my creations! 
I am a costume designer primarily working in the Independent Christian Film Industry. I do modern design but specialize in historical costuming of all eras and periods. Below is a sample of my work with links to the corresponding post in my blog for details. If you are interested in hiring me to costume design or sew for your film, short, theatrical production or television show, feel free to email me at missmckennaray@gmail.com.


Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit-inspired gowns. Read about them HERE.

Georgian Era (1750s-80s)

Pink Ribbed Satin Stays. Details HERE

Black Brocade Caraco Jacket and White Petticoat.
Details HERE

Child's Martha Washington Gown Replica
Details HERE

Regency Era (1790s-1810s)

Georgian and Regency-era little girls' gowns (above). Details HERE

White Round Gown (above) and Aqua Open-Robe (below)
Click HERE for details.

                Navy Blue Velveteen Spencer (below). Details HERE.

White Cotton Regency Nightcap (above) and Bodiced Petticoat (Below) Details HERE

Pink Linen Half-Robe (Above)
Blue Cotton Round Gown (Below)
Details for both HERE

Early Victorian Era (1830s-1850s)

1840s Elsie Dinsmore Gown. Details HERE

Depression Era (1930s)

1920s-40s Green Velveteen, Fur-Trimmed Evening Coat. Details HERE

1933 Blouse Details HERE.

WWII Era (1940s)

1943 Pink Easter Dress. Details HERE.

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