Monday, July 13, 2015


I know, I know, I'm a horrible person for not blogging. And I really can't offer many valid excuses; I'm lazy. I'm sitting on the love seat in our living room in my pj's when I should probably be cleaning up after breakfast, so I'll make this snappy. What have I been up to lately? Well, that's a good question. 

Costume Design
I have a big project in the works; a Superhero web series for our church's Youth Group, that will be available on YouTube later in the fall. Actually, not only am I the Costume Designer, I'm also Production Designer and Script Supervisor. Pretty cool, huh? We start filming a week from today and I'm super stoked!!!

That's really the main thing I've been up to, other than daily drama. I've started Run for God and been making some really awesome new friends! Another post will fill in further, but I hope this suffices for now. I hope to be posting more often and be more dedicated. In the mean time, go with God's blessing :)