Monday, February 18, 2013

Recommended Reading List #1

So, I have compiled a list of my favorite books that I recommend to everyone when they ask. I've read most of these at least twice through :) My favorite and my best, as you might put it! 

First is "Stepping Heavenward" by Elizabeth Prentiss. It's the fictional journal of a girl growing in her faith during the mid 1800's. I've read this one through many times and discover more about the heart of what my Savior has for me each time through. It's a good read-aloud for older sisters or mothers to younger sisters 12 and up. And I say 12 and up only because the antiquated language might be a little beyond early comprehension.

This book was a happy birthday present from my parents two Summers ago. A fantastic read for girls 13 and up. Debi Pearl hits home with practical insights to how we as single young ladies can be preparing for our future position as helper and completer at the side of a godly man. There's also a study guide at the back written by one of Debi's lovely daughters!

"Little Women" is one of my annual reads! The home-centered tale of four sisters is rich with good old-fashioned American history and values to apply in every day life. I recommend "book one" (the first half. My edition is divided) for all ages. And it's fairly easy to understand even for younger girls. But, part two is shall we say, romantic? It's the part where the girls go abroad, fall in love, and get married. If your younger girls struggle with things like keeping their hearts at home, and romantic thoughts and feelings, I wouldn't recommend it yet. Or the second sequel (book 3) "Jo's Boys". That one gets pretty intensely romantic. 

This book is fabulous for all ages! A great read aloud for the whole family. "Little Britches" by Ralph Moody is the story of an East-coast family that moves to Colorado to start a farm. I've read it 4 times through and it gets better each time :)

A riveting tale told in first-person by Corrie Ten Boom herself! This narrative takes place in Holland during WWII when the Ten Booms hid Jews in their home above the watch shop. 

I have mentioned this book before, but I had not read it yet. I am at the end of it now and gaining more and more knowledge each page I turn :) Perhaps I'm not very clever with post titles, but this truly is on the top of my recommended reading list! 

There will be more to come as I read and acquire more books to add to my library (the top of my dresser). Meanwhile, what are the books that you recommend? Have you read any of the books that I posted above? Please comment and let me know!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Poem...By Me

I wrote this poem about a year ago and haven't thought to share it with the world until now. It expresses the way I feel toward my family and the life that God has blessed me with! How...maybe it's not "perfect" to the world...but it's "perfect" the way God saw fit to create it!

Here's a house with flower beds
of colors o so gay
nary a weed has been seen there
where bumblebees do play

The grass is green, the fence is white
the house is like a picture
and looking in the window
you can see the silver fixtures

Inside, the place is spick-and-span
the dust does never stay
The silver gleams, no children scream
it always smells of May

The bedrooms never see a piece
of clothing on the floor
The shelves are neat, the flowers sweet
and bloom forever more

The windows will stay open
a cool breeze flowing through
And when you heave a deep breath in
you'll feel completely new

But what it lacks is joyful noise
and a loving family
For it must stay stay so clean and neat;
you must not touch, just see

Now I will tell you of a house
with no white picket fence
The grass is dry, the weeds are high
The kids have dug a trench!

The rooms look like a hurricane
swept in and left disaster
I never in my life did see
a closet emptied faster.

Laundry piling in the rooms
but not prepared for washing
to find your favorite sweater, dear
the toys you will be tossing

When you enter in the back
through the smudged storm door
the muddy footprints big and small
are tracked upon the floor

But peek inside the kitchen, friend
it brings a smile to see
the wet, and muddy commodores
that sip their sweet iced tea

Some are tall and some are short
their faces all a mess
but sitting still and giving thanks
they feel so very blessed

So as we close upon this scene,
of joyful faces dear
don't forget to be content
with what God gives you here